Welcome to the Supper Club

Andrew Clermont - Cort Guitar/ Epoch Fiddle
PuYu Macleod (Taiwan) - Flute
George Washingmachine - Fiddle
Sophie Raymond - Whistling!/ Vocals/ Guitar
(Animation Oscar Winner via 'Harvie Crumpet')
Willy Qua (Fiddlers Festival/ Galapagoes Duck) - Saxophone
Corb Lund Band - Canada (Apologies for the misprint in the film!! Dang!)
David Hellens - 3 time Banjo Champion with
(The Lawnmowers CD Launch)
Paul Wookey - powerful Voice & Guitar
- 2004 Special Guest of The Supper Club
And Band :
Christian Marsh - Harmonica
Parris Macleod - Piano
Ronny Rindo -Drums
Darryl Walker - Bass

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