Andrew displaying instruments featured on The Longing, including GIlchrist mandolin and DeGruchy guitar. Photo by Jon Armstrong

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Awarded Golden Fiddle Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

Inducted to South Australian Music Hall of Fame 2021

Welcome to my musical "Shed" :-)


My Terada Acoustic Guitar of 40 years was sadly left on a train arriving into Hamburg Nov 30 2023.

It was somehow lifted by unknown parties & offered at a nearby Flea Market for 50 Euro!

Puppeteer Alex Barti happened along and took up the offer. He had it as a project while performing his shows at Hanza Theater,

opposite the train station it was lost at. He did a make over on it, fixed a bump in the neck,

lowered the action, made an individually cut bridge & introduced strings 014  to 059 whilst tuning it a semi-tone down!

Sounds like closer to a harp now !! 2 months later looking through the large amount of music & scraps left in the

he pieced together that the guitar must have a lot to do with me - looked me up on Face Book, scrolled back to

December and discovered it's story ! My "Uncle" Egon lives a few stations away, was able to meet up and

regain possession ! They also got on very well and went out to dinner a couple of times before Alex headed back to home

in lower Denmark! Friends are sorted to bring the guitar back to Oz by the end of winter !!

Meanwhile ...

solo is fun
but let me introduce you to the Bands that make & made up the years!

  Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club 
running since 1998 and now
sponsored variously by Clearview IT/ Just Better Care NSW / Barbeques Galore Tamworth over the years
Now with a kind private Sponsor sorting the extensive travel costs for the gathered players!
this year & next!
Thanking also Vikki Page (Galston CM Fest creator) / The Hungerfords/ and more amazing Tamworth supporters
for looking after the Sup Club players @ Tamworth CM Festival
- now in it's 3rd decade - including from the edge of Europe (Tallinn) to the edge of Oz (Fairbridge)!!

 / below is
Totally Gourdgeous (since 1998) and

/ The Apostle String Band Tours /BluGuru (and friends!) since 2010 / and touring with Goldheist 2020, 2023, 2024

BluGuru within Andrew Clermont's Supper Club @ The Capitol Theatre, Tamworth

also 2 decades with The Borderers in Oz & Europe plus a hearty tour with Kavisha Mazzella early 2019

 All corners Covered (with Cellist Rachel Johnston) mid 2015 to end 2016

- see further player twists under Bio page & Latest News
Not so often now or just re-unions - Dya Singh / The Lawnmowers / BackBeat

Latest Photo Artistry from Andrew - the 'BEING THERE' Big Pics

Andrew would like to thank the following for their support:

Gilchrist Mandolins for the Legendary F-5 Mandolin

Epoch Violins for the Sunset, BluGuru & White Dove 5-string Fiddles & mountains of support

Roger Buckmaster 4 string Violin - the go to for recordings and other special moments!

Penelope Swales for the Gourdgeous musical instruments - Gourdalins Rule!

Maton Guitars for the amazing Bunyan Pine 12-string Guitar
White Swallow Banjos - they fill the room with great Twang!!
But sadly the maker of them, Alan Funk has in May 2021 pass on
Tommy Crow (Alice Springs) for the great crocodile painting on my 'A' Didgeridoo - courtesy of Alan Dawson.

Jon Armstrong Photographics and "Shot by Jake" for main early publicity shots
Long Grass Clothing for a bundle of wonderful long leg jeans support!

and remembering Ollie Francis and our time as Celtic Conundrums variously
at Glen Innes Celtic Fest and in the snow @ Charlottes Pass Hotel

My dear Clans for their voluntary & involuntary support!
Chris Simmons for handling the mid history of this web site.

The Friends & Fans - you're the Best!

Thanks for looking in and contemplating the world via Clermont.
This site was originally prepared by Steve Wainright in about 1998,
old school friend Chris Simmons then directed my up dates.
New videos, photos, CDs & stories
suggestions/ thoughts / contributions are more than welcome (See Contact page).

Big thanks to those of you who are able to come to the various performances, say
hello in/from the most unexpected parts of the world, or who drop in the occasional
letter/ email/ phone greeting.

The world family is a wonderful experience
and I verily appreciate the warm returns
given and shared.

Yours in the Light & Magic of Music,
Andrew Clermont