Andrew displaying instruments featured on The Longing, including GIlchrist mandolin and DeGruchy guitar. Photo by Jon Armstrong

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Andrew displaying instruments featured on The Longing, including GIlchrist mandolin and DeGruchy guitar.
Photo by Jon Armstrong

Concert Clips & Videos - with YouTube links

Click here for the youtubes featuring more specifically Andrew !!
   I've been pretty busy during Covid going through Video captures over recent years!

Latest Supper Club/ House Concerts/ the bands through the years within
a veritable Library of Clermont's gathered videos

    The Golden Fiddle Awards - GFA 

plus for earlier ones!

    but now ...  a trip down memory lane! 

Supper Club Clips from 2004 - a quick look! 
1) Welcome to The Supper Club

Andrew Clermont - Cort Guitar/ Epoch Fiddle
PuYu Macleod (Taiwan) - Flute
George Washingmachine - Fiddle
Sophie Raymond - Whistling!/ Vocals/ Guitar
(Animation Oscar Winner via 'Harvie Crumpet')
Willy Qua (Fiddlers Festival/ Galapagoes Duck) - Saxophone
Corb Lund Band - Canada (Apologies for the misprint in the film!! Dang!)
David Hellens - 3 time Banjo Champion with
(The Lawnmowers CD Launch)
Paul Wookey - powerful Voice & Guitar
- 2004 Special Guest of The Supper Club
And Band :
Christian Marsh - Harmonica
Parris Macleod - Piano
Ronny Rindo -Drums
Darryl Walker - Bass
2) Girls Night Part 1

Roshani Priddis -Vocals
Sophie Raymond - Vocals
George Washingmachine - backing Vocals & Guitar
Leslie Avril - Vocals
Stephanie Eldridge - Violin
2002 NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Champion
PuYu Macleod (Taiwan) - Flute
Jane Brownlee, Andrew, Sujata & Jhana Allan - Fiddle Section
With Willow Stahlut-Kemp (2003 NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Champ)
Stephanie Eldridge (2002 Champ)
3) Fingerstyle Guitar Night

Tim Rickhards - Host
Mal Clarke (from Bullamakanka)
Jeffro (The Bourkenback Boys)
Ross Waldron
And Band:
Randall Wilson - Drums

4) Jane Brownlee - Under the influence of

Jane Brownlee - Fiddle
Andrew Clermont - Guitar/ 4 string Banjo/ Fiddle
Nigel Lever (Acoustic Shock) - Mandolin
Robbie Long (The Lawnmowers) - Guitar
David Hellens - 5-string Banjo

5) Harmonica Night

Tony Eyers - Diatonic (various tunings) Harmonica
Darren Mullan - Piano & Vocals
Andrew Clermont - Epoch Fiddle, White Swallow Banjo
Christian Marsh - Chromatic & Diatonic Harmonica
And Band :
Quentin Eyers, Randall Wilson - Drums
Bass - Darryl Walker

6) PuYu Parris & Andrew - Fantasia!

PuYu Macleod - Flute
Parris Macleod - Piano
Andrew Clermont - Epoch Fiddle

7) Tony's Baroque Birthday

Tony Eyers - Baroque Recorder
PuYu Macleod - Flute
Stephanie Eldridge - Violin (Andrew's!)

8) The Fiddle Night - Gypsy Hot Club play Mick Liber's 'Rocket Pilot'

Jhana, Lachlan (2004 Champ), Willow (2003Champ) - Fiddles
Ben - Double Bass
Joseph - Nylon Guitar
Andrew - Epoch Fiddle

9) The Slide Night

Matt Hanley - Acoustic & Electric Guitars - and his Band
Bruce Reid (Canada) - Dobro (all metal)
With Barnaby Coman - Guitar
Gary Brown (Sydney) - Dobro
And Bands:
Sophie Raymond & Kata Haye (Oklahoma) sitting in
Andrew Clermont - Epoch Fiddle
Christian Marsh - Harmonica
Ronny Rindo - Drums
Darryl Walker - Bass
Parris Macleod - Piano
10) Stephanie Eldridge (2002 Fiddle Champ) plays Ray Schloefel's Blacktown Jig

Eldridge (2002 Fiddle Champ) plays Ray Schloefel's Blacktown Jig
Stephanie Eldridge playing her 2002 Epoch Flagship Fiddle Prize
Andrew Clermont playing his Sunset Epoch Fiddle & Cort Guitar
The Band:
Parris Macleod - Piano
Ronny Rindo -Drums
Darryl Walker - Bass
11) Night of the Piano

PuYu Macleod , Darren Mullan (vocals), Parris Macleod,
Peter Horan, Ezra, Quentin Eyers - Acoustic & Digital Pianos
- All Together!
The Band:
Quentin Eyers - Electric Guitar
Ronny Rindo -Drums
Darryl Walker - Bass
Christian Marsh - Harmonica
12) The Lawnmowers & Mark Atkins

Mark Atkins - Didgeridoo (Yirdaki)
David Hellens - Banjo
Andrew Clermont - F-5 Gilchrist Mandolin
Tony Eyers - Harmonica
Robbie Long - Cort Guitar
Dougie Bull - Double Bass

13) NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Contest

9 yr old Emily Little - Youth Award
17yr old Sujata Allan - Open Runner Up
16yr old Lachlan O'Donnell
- Open Winner of the $2000+ Gold Epoch Violin

See the Contest Details here


14) Girls Night Part 2

Merri-May Gill - Vocals & Guitar
Leah Briggs - Vocals & Guitar
Andrew Clermont - Mandolin
Hannah & Band
Jenny Shimmen - Vocals & Banjo
Kate McCarthy - Vocals & Guitar
Kata Haye (Oklahoma, USA) - Vocals & Guitar
15) Paul Wookey & The Lawnmowers

 Paul Wookey - Guitar & Vocals
Nigel Lever - Mandolin
The Lawnmowers (see above!)
16) A 'Fix' of All the Nights with Swing

Andrew Clermont - Vocals & Guitar
Michael Fix - Guitar
Christian Marsh - Chromatic Harmonica
Randall Wilson - Drums
Parris Macleod - Piano
Darryl Walker - Electric Bass
Oceania Trio - Saxophones & Double Bass
17) Thanks Ted - Last Words - and the Blues

The North Tamworth Bowling Club has supported Andrew Clermont's Supper Club
for the last four years and we look forward to many more. It is a homely, intimate
concert area with good food and yaknow - VIBE!!
Extra concerts came this year during the daytime with Normie Rowe & Friends,
Trevor Knight & Friends. This year we even had Johnny Young's Country Talent time
starting the day, and you'd be amazed who he got up…sing!
However lets first have a quickcrossection of the Supper Club with
some Blues leanings as well.

Stephanie Eldridge twin Epoch Fiddles with Andrew Clermont
The Torpedoes (Newcastle Rockabilly)
George Washingmachine - Fiddle
Paul Wookey - Vocals & Guitar
Parris Macleod - Piano
Andrew Clermont - Fiddle
Johnny Young ! (The Morning After - Talent Quest)
And the new Star - Ted Trainer!
With thanks to the North Tamworth Bowling Club

Dya Singh World Music Group

April 2004 appearance at the Thornleigh Performing Arts Centre
Keith Preston - Santoor (Persian Hammer Dulcimer)
Dheeraj Shrestra (Nepal) - Tabla
Dya Singh - Vocals & Harmonium
Parvyn & Harsel Kaur - Vocals
Andrew Clermont - Gourd Mandolin & 5-string Tucker Barrett Electric Violin
Filmed by Andrew Clermont


Andrew Clermont proudly remembers
Simon Nield  - Shake a Leg - Acoustic Guitar
Birds & Car choreographed by the moose
Filmed by Andrew Clermont April 2004
Made in appreciation of time well spent on the films above
whilst under Simon & Family's warm hospitality
- and 'cos he was, a great player!!


Pauline's Songs For the Soul Video sample

Andrew's Tuition Sample Videos
A Crash Course to Fiddling Freedom
Mandolin Technique Guitar Technique Didgeridoo Lesson