Andrew plays Swales gourd mandolin. Photo: Shot by Jake
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Andrew plays Swales Gourd Mandolin
Photo - Shot by Jake
New Totally Gourdgeous single, “I Have a Dream” (a musical rendering of MLK’s speech), is released through MGM distribution: . More about the song at 
The album, "Gourd in the Act”, was released in February
Also on Bandcamp: 
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Discography - To order just email me on

  1. Three Chord Wonders (1986)
  2. Home Grown #2 (1987)
  3. BackBeat - The Sessions (1990)
  4. Didgeridoo Interludes - Alastair Black (1996)
  5. The Longing (1997)   
  6. Fiddlers Festival Live (1997)
  7. Dance Of The Good Life (2000) with Parris Macleod 
  8. Made In Taiwan - Live And Stormy (2000)
  9. Terra Australis (2000)
  10. Totally Gourdgeous (2000)
  11. D'Vine - Totally Gourdgeous (2002)
  12. CD 2005 Stroke of Midnight & CD PunKin 2011 - Totally Gourdgous
  13. Gourd in the Act (2019) LATEST
  14. THE 3 TG DVDS!! 2007 DVD - The Bazaar Clips
  15. TG DVD 2014 - Shades of the Vine
  16. TG DVD - The Ripe Stuff 2019 LATEST
  17. Happy as Larry (2001) with Parris Macleod
  18. The Lawnmowers - Combo CD (2007)
  19. Live at the Supper Club (2003) - Plus the CD trilogies from 2010 & 2012 and Double DVD "Live @ The Capitol" 2011 !!
  20. London Abstractions 2011 CD & DVD (with Mal Webb, Tom Donald & Mark Buckingham)
  21. BluGuru - Ragas 2 Blu Riches 2010
  22. Andrew Clermont's Supper Club - Live @ The Capitol! Double DVD 2012
  23. Golden Fiddle Showcase 2018 - LATEST 74 min plus an near A3 Poster in the cover! Also now available just below as is
  24. The Winners CD FORTE -  details just below!
  25. Supper Club T-Shirts
  26. The epic 20 year Photo Almanac of The Supper Club 120 pages LATEST
  27. Tuition DVDS
               To order just email me on or via my Contacts Page
More info on Discography (all releases and year of release)


From Hamish Davidson: "Andrew is an extremely creative individual, and is always spontaneous, especially in live performances. His shows feature anything from traditional Indian 'standards,' or ragas, to hard driving 'thrash-grass.' On his latest album, "Dance of the Good Life" (2000), he recorded a tune titled Three Mandolins, where he plays in 3 time signatures at once. This is the type of thing you can imagine Thelonious Monk doing. Nevertheless, the result (in stereo!) creates a sensation of being inside a washing machine. This effect was very hard to recreate in MIDI, partly because there is no 'mandolin' tone available. To make the MIDI file more interesting, I have added a bass line which is not included on the recording. If you want to experience this trippy sensation first hand, you'll just have to buy the album."

MP3 Sample of 3 Mandolins 
3 Mandolins painted by Rosemary Bond Gerhardy

3 Mandolins painted by Rosemary Bond Gerhardy
- presented at the 2006 Frances Folk Gathering (SA/VIC border) and now owned by former Frances Publican, Nigel Blake.


Plus  T-Shirts (unbleached fibre or white) with or without sleeves (white only)
                                                And the epic 20 year Photo Almanac of The Supper Club

    120 Pages - Available in A3 $160 or A4  $95  just send me an email

Golden Fiddle Showcase 2018


PLUS the original Compilation CD FORTE of Australian Fiddlers from the GOLDEN FIDDLE AWARDS

An album of strung-out mayhem featuring Four Play, Marcy Taylor, CODA, Fiddlers Feast, Cin Cin, Mykl Lozin, Dirty Lucy and more.

Hey diddle diddle - these folks can sure play the fiddle!

The violin or fiddle has a lengthy relationship with Australian music. I'm not sure if the versatile stringed instrument journeyed on the First Fleet but I'd take a healthy wager that one of the officers or crew had had one at the ready, for fiddle music was intrinsically linked to seafaring music. There was definitely an early convict, John Ayres, who had a passion for music since this shoemaker was transported to Botany Bay in 1794 for stealing 'musical instruments to the value of fifty shillings'. Captain Bligh, later to be Governor of New South Wales, reputedly instructed the fiddler on the 'HMAS Bounty' to play for his daily callisthenic’s exercise program!

Whatever the case the violin appeared early enough to be mentioned in early broadsides, newspapers and memories. It fiddled in the convict quarters with jigs and reels to remind of better times and separated love; it heralded the gold rush era when thousands traveled the bush in search of the elusive metal, and were soothed at night by its melancholy airs; it was also there in the shearing stations and drover's camps. It was also in grander environments including Government receptions, military march-pasts and in polite squatter's homes where young ladies were encouraged to play sonatas and parlor songs. It also traveled into the twentieth century joining country crooners, orchestras, radio quartets, jazz dance bands and, later, even rock bands. The second half of that century saw the older styles revived as we re-discovered our traditional music, especially the music of our rich Anglo Celtic heritage.

Released in conjunction with the Golden Fiddle Awards, the first awards which focus on nurturing, supporting and rewarding the wealth of violin playing, performing and composing talent in Australian and New Zealand, each and every particpant on this unique and entertaining collection belongs to a select group with acknowledged credentials. There's the new generation fiddling as displayed by Migel MacLean, Peter O'Shea and the 'family' bands of The Bostocks and the Davidson Brothers. Jenny Thomas breathes new life into a fiddle-centric version of 'Waltzing Matilda' and Ian Cooper makes his 'Brazil' really swing. Original compositions are also featured, especially with the music of Sean O'Boyle, Marcela Taylor (nominated for this year's CMAA Golden Guitar Instrumental of the Year) anMykl Lozin. There are some wonderful ensemble tracks too where the fiddle jumps out and dances - Four Play, Cin Cin, CODA, Dirty Lucy and of course, Rouseabout's Fiddlers Feast.

Track Listing:

  1. Hunter Valley Breakdown – The Davidon Brothers
  2. The Devil – Fiddlers Feast
  3. Pale Moon – Sean O’Boyle
  4. 1=2=2=5 Radiohead – Fourplay String Quartet
  5. Beautiful Child – Peter O’Shea
  6. Brazil – Ian Cooper
  7. Black And White – Marcela Taylor
  8. Interlude – Dirty Lucy
  9. Little Words – Dirty Lucy
  10. Olliebod’s Jig – Mykl Lozin
  11. Rocking Horse – CODA
  12. Waltzing Matilda – Jenny Thomas
  13. 44 Gallon Drum – Crooked Fiddle Band/Jessica Randall
  14. Common Koel Don Harper Project – Nigel MacLean
  15. Up Jumped Spring – CinCin
  16. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Bostocks – The Bostocks

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BluGuru - Ragas 2 Blu Riches
Parvyn & Josh Bennett with Andrew Clermont
2010 - “Jeff Beck with Ravi Shankar on the set of “O Brother where art thou”while dancing in Rio!”
Hot, adventurous, heart stirring, complex and soaring music and harmony, melding an astonishing array of instruments

and marrying Indian to Bluegrass, Samba to Curry, Irish to New Orleans, Baghdad & back to Burke 'n Beyond!

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BLUGURU also feature in Andrew Clermont's Supper Club - Live @ The Capitol! Double DVD!!
   A definitive Supper Club capture! Huge appreciation to the many involved
- and that's a real 40 ft screen presenting Tom Donald on the Piano
- as we launched our "London Abstractions" recording! (see just below)
- including a timely drop in from UK's The Roselly's  - thanks to Tamworth Music Shop mate, Thrifty for the heads up there !!

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London Abstractions 2011
Recorded in Putney, London - an improvisational treasure

- perfect for inspiring cooking or disappearing for a while!

"Lost in an exquisite foray, awashed on timeless cresting waves - such is the beauty of London Abstractions.
Exactly what was needed in these moments" Anarkali - Shepherds Ground, NSW

or DVD version
with 100 of my Big Pics series from mainly Australian scenes

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‘Live at The Supper Club’

78min of our most classic mid-year concert to date.
Featuring Dheeraj Shrestra (Dya Singh Group), The Lawnmowers, Mark Atkins
(Didgeridoo at the Athens Games), with Parris & PuYu Macleod.

At last, after 5 years and more of gathering performers under the guise
of "AC's Supper Club", we have it's first bold CD release (or more
specifically an official, by chance, 'bootleg'!).
The nights have been a kind of 'Fringe Club' to the Tamworth CM
Festival. A place where musicians like Oscar Awarded Sophie Raymond, Paul Wookey,
Peter Horan, Willie Qua (Galapagos Duck), George Washingmachine, Women in Docs,
Elizabeth Lord, Pat Drummond, Michael Fix, Sam McNally can relax or send other
players teetering on their guard rails of safety. Those who enjoy the taste of
fear (er.. flight!) as the music soars around them into unpredictable paths &
flavours have been gathering - up to 70 through the 15 shows in the week.
Now since 2002, there have been some mid year concerts to keep the
flame burning. These have leaned into more worldly zones with guests from Tibet,
Taiwan and Nepal as well as appearing at numerous schools & venues in the
700squarekm area of Tamworth, Armidale & Barraba.
October 2003 saw Andrew joining Dheeraj Shrestra (Tabla drums from
Dya Singh Group), Mark Atkins (Didg at Athens Games), Parris & PuYu Macleod
(perenial favourites on Piano & Flute) plus The Lawnmowers (see below) with local
drum whizz, Randall Wilson in a veritable 'quilt of expression'. The capture
is fresh, bold and soars as far as we've ever managed to go.
Mind you we can't call it squeaky clean, but there was just too much
fun to hide it away. 78mins of both kinds of music - Real & UnReal!

To order CD email or go to Contact Page
1. Meeting of the Rivers - Sample (mp3)
2. Don't Sleep Too Deep!- Sample (mp3)
3. The Longing - Sample (mp3)
4. Rueben - Sample (mp3)
5. Light at the End of the Tunnel - Sample (mp3)
6. EMD - D - Sample (mp3)
7. The Quest - Sample (mp3)
8. Fly like a Bird - Sample (mp3)
9. Milk Cow Blues - Sample (mp3)
10. Daydreaming at Speed - Sample (mp3)
11. Wayfaring Stranger - Sample (mp3)
12. Storm Coming - Sample (mp3)

The Supper Club Trilogies from 2010 & 2012 -
3 amazing hours distilled from 30 hrs of performance through the Tamworth Festival week for both January 2010 & 2012!!
Much thanks to Chris Rogers for making the recordings possible.
A rich collection spread over 6 CDs!! Featuring over 50 performers and memories!
Only $95 for the whole set!! $60 for each trilogy! Or $25 for individual CDs
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Andrew Clermont's Supper Club 2010 Part One

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Andrew Clermont's Supper Club 2010 Part Two

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Andrew Clermont's Supper Club 2010 Part Three

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then 2 years later!!
Andrew Clermont's Supper Club 2012 Part One

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Andrew Clermont's Supper Club 2012 Part Two

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Andrew Clermont's Supper Club 2012 Part Three

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The Good Road - first release by The Lawnmowers - the cutting "Hedge" of bluegrass  :-)

The LawnMowersThe LawnMowers - The Good Road

Bluegrass has always held a special place in Andrew's heart as the many
visitors to the Tamworth Country Music Festival Bluegrass Breakfasts & Competions
can attest.
For Andrew things started cooking bluegrass wise through his
mid-highschool English teacher, Geoff Bridgland and became the BlackMountain Boys. Soon
his brother Alex learnt Banjo & they were doing duo floorshows round Adelaide.
The Uni Folk Club pointed him to the Fountain Inn where he joined newgrass
band, Remnants, (the old tapes are not lost!). He also linked up with some young
acoustic adventurers and formed, Nuclear Shoes, with the experimentation he
persued the rest of his life. All this alongside vocal group, Shut the Gate,
with Peter Hisco while doing Mechanical Engineering? (Well guess what he ne'r
Winning 3 Bluegrass Guitar Championships while pickin & grinnin across
the country with Brian Young; Golden Guitar Award & LP record (mid 80s) with the
Three Chord Wonders, a hot Live CD with BackBeat entering the 90s; touring
with the legendary Tom T Hall (USA) and then began tangling with multi-Banjo
Champ Dave Hellens over the next decade to finally form.... the cutting Hedge of Bluegrass!!!!.....a band with no sense of
Now available
"The Lawnmowers Combo CD" of selected tracks from The Good Road & Second Cut

1. Banjo Boy Chimes                      1:03  
2. Down the Road                        2:53
3. Devil's Dream                         3:03
4. EMD - David    Grisman                4:07
5. Foggy Mt Special                       2:18
6. Reuben     - Mark Atkins on Didgeridoo !   3:53
7. Little Maggie                          2:34
.8. Train 45                              2:42
9. Home Sweet Home                      3:13
          10. White Freight Liner- New Grass Revival    2:55           
11. Once Upon Arrival -Steve Berry         3:06
12. New Day    - Hellens                3:03
13. Smoothin Out The Jump - Clermont     3:21
14. Jump Up - Hellens                  2:51
15. Reflection - Hellens                   4:30
16. Wake Up - Clermont                  3:41
17. Eyes Open - Hellens                  3:16
18. A Minor Swing                      4:14

Dave Hellens - Banjo & Lead Voice, Rob Long - Guitar, Harmonies & Engineering ,
Andrew Clermont - Gilchrist Mandolin & Fiddles - 5-string from Epoch , 
Dougie Bull - Double Bass & Harmonies on 1 - 10 ,
Liz Frenchham - Double Bass on 11 - 18 ,
Tony Eyers - Harmonica ,
Lucy Langham - Flute

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Happy as Larry by Andrew Clermont and Parris Macleod (2001)
Happy as Larry - Andrew Clermont (fiddle) and Parris Macleod (piano)

The Story . . .

Happy As Larry is a soaring Piano & Fiddle CD with flavours of Celtic to New Age styles. The Title track was nominated to the Golden Guitar Awards 2002

To order CD email or go to Contact Page

The Tracks . . .

1. The Fun of the Chase, Take 1 - Sample (mp3)
2. Something On My Mind - Sample (mp3)
3. Drive - Sample (mp3)
4. Breath Easy - Sample (mp3)
5. Extreme Dreams - Sample (mp3)
6. Happy as Larry - Sample (mp3)
7. The Fun of the Chase, Take 2 - Sample (mp3)
8. Circles - Sample (mp3)
9. Remember - Sample (mp3)
10. Adrenalin - Sample (mp3)
11. Moving On - Sample (mp3)


Dance Of The Good Life by Andrew Clermont and Parris Macleod (2000)

Read the Review!

The Story . . .

Includes Top 5 Nomination for Best Instrumental in Golden Guitar Awards 2000 (trk 6 - Reeling In The Big One)
and music from "The Night of the Piano" (see Andrew's Supper Club). Copies now available.

The Tracks . . .

1. Who Trod On The Cat - Sample (mp3)
2. Dance Of The Good Life - Sample (mp3)
3. Round The Bend - Sample (mp3)
4. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel - Sample (mp3)
5. Buggerlug's Boogie - Sample (mp3)
6. Reeling In The Big One - Sample (mp3)
7. Three Mandolins - Sample (mp3)
8. Time Changes Me - Sample (mp3)
9. Lonely Fiddler - Sample (mp3)

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Bluegrass - Made In Taiwan - Live & Stormy (2000) - Andrew with Jenny Lester (Canada) & Daryl Jack Melbourne

Hey there! We put the band back together Nov 2019!!
After 25 years of sooo many other adventures, Jenny Lester returned to re-live the crazy 3 years which saw
6 or 700 shows of this group together in Taiwan - Leofoo Adventure Park!

And this is not the Gold Coast :-) !


A bit of history here!! 

Joined by Wendy Jackson & Paul Wookey plus an armful of mainly Aussies for a while there in Taiwan!!
       Jenny went on to appearing with Hungry Hill who also came to Australia. She also created a great contribution to tutoring at Bluegrass Festivals for vocal harmony and Fiddle at Mark O'Connor Camps let alone a remarkable horse raising/ training property outside of Smithers in the heart of BC, Canada. Jenny had met Andrew at Pt Fairy Folk Festival (jamming with Trev Warner at the time as well) which ended up captured by documentary makers ever so coincidentally from Taiwan and as if by magic became part of the Bluegrass - Made in Taiwan - adventure.
       This was seeded by the extra coincidence that Jenny appeared at a very Bluegrassy party @ Beccy Coles place just as Daryl Melbourne received the call from Andrew (already in Taiwan) to seek players for this potentially long term contract in the mid 90s! Daryl saw Jenny there, made a rather fine bit of reasoning and grabbing Trev from Adelaide as well to follow on Andrew's invite to continue the Bluegrass contract in Taiwan.
       What followed in just 3 years and more than a dozen mainly Oz players was 3 to 4 shows a day. In fact Daryl (usually called Jack these days!) went on to perform close to 3000 shows through the ensuing decade! His time with The Fargone Beauties and before that with Tamworth's BackBeat, let alone his brothers thoughout the Oz outback saw him hone his reason to be right there. He set up a publishing house, Theatre restaurants, Pubs, Pizza Bar (naturally call Banjos) plus realised the beginnings of his own family. He still helps secure musical instruments for a major museum there as well. He's now includes Dobro into his instrumental prowess including his gift of the gab - not only highly entertaining on stage but regularly on show at the Beechworth foody sensation, Lemongrass Cafe.
        A soon to become major friend to all involved was Aron Mclean, who was first spotted in a CanCan show in the Leofoo Adventure Park and eventually returned to Oz as Double Bass and extra voice to The Pigs! He had variously teamed up with Jack Melbourne across various projects in Taiwan. Now mostly seen with Peter Denahy and based in Beechworth, he is very excited to see the years vanish and re-live this fun yet powerful show with the chameleon multi-instrumentalist Andrew Clermont who was born to cut loose in Bluegrass.
        Andrew has been constantly touring with The Apostle String Band (Mountaingrass kick-offs to Wirrina Bluegrass Fest)/ BluGuru (where world music ignites with Bluegrass)/ and 22 years of Andrew Clermont's Supper Club orchestra across the planet!
        All this will funnel back to the essence of four part harmonies and the many years of grace & musical family between them showing as one very seamless Bluegrass unit.   Plus the Original Show on CD as shown here above & below!!


The Short Story . . . Bluegrass - Live in Taiwan

A feast of Bluegrass recorded live at "The Barn",
Leofoo Village Adventure Park, Hsin Shu Country, Taiwan.
Only a typhoon or earthquake could stop the show
. . . and the weather came close . . .

To order CD email or
go to Contact Page

The Tracks . . .

1. Baton Rouge
2. Heart Of Gold
3. Y'all Come
4. Strong Enough To Bend
5. Country Roads
6. House Of The Rising Sun
7. Didgeridoo Blitz with Scotland
8. Sally Ann
9. Stay Young

  "Totally Gourdgeous" Totally Gourdgeous (2000)

"Joni Mitchell meets James Brown in Bob Marley's Pumpkin Patch via The Muppets!!"

Available through MGM

play only instruments made of Gourds!

Penelope Swales
- maker of the Gourdgeous instruments, songs, guitar. mandolin & Vocals
Mal Webb
- fretless bass, trumpet, mbira, vocals, songs & laryngeal gourdness
Carl Pannuzzo
- djembe, The Voice, foot rattle, percussion,guiro & guitar
Andrew Clermont
- violin, mandolin, guitar, vocals

All performed in totally gourdgeous ways! Naturally!

The Story . . .

Read all about the Totally Gourdgeous
Here's a few samples from the debut CD:

1. Turtle - Sample (mp3)
2. Jim the War Starts Now  
3. Bow Doubt  
4. Sister Gumshoe - Sample (mp3)
5. Falling Song  
6. Bike  
7. Miss You  
8. Brother  
9 Try Change - Sample (mp3)
10. Roofrack  
11. Aunty Betty  
12. Strangers & Foreigners  
13. Jabiluka  
14. Little Green Fruit  
15. Circles on the Ceilin  

Check out these links for earlier photos of the Gourdgeous ones:

Poster Montages (history!)

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Also on Bandcamp: 

D'Vine - Totally Gourdgeous (2002)

available through MGM

1. Back in the Arms (Hanging with the Angels) - Sample (mp3)
2. Cup has no T - Sample (mp3)
3. Chains - Sample (mp3)
4. Forest Ranger - Sample (mp3)
5. Green - Sample (mp3)
6. Ringbark - Sample (mp3)
7. Bantam - Sample (mp3)
8. Ti - Skube - Sample (mp3)
9 Cope - Sample (mp3)
10. Brunswick St Cappuccino - Sample (mp3)
11. Meltdown at Indian Point - Sample (mp3)
12. Round & Round - Sample (mp3)
13. Lunatic  
14. Jacaranda  
15. Thank you  

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Also on Bandcamp: 

CD 2005 Stroke of Midnight & CD PunKin 2011
available through MGM
or directly here via Contact Page

Anything at All
  Make Up
  Butterfly Ball
  Doesn't Matter Anymore

  Target Airconditioning
  Toilet Roll
  Spinach Inquisition
  Pole Sitter
  My Life
  Two & a Dog
  Ground Zero
  This Song
  Future Generations
  Song for Mai
  Arms of Eden

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Also on Bandcamp: 

4th CD PunKin !  2011
available through MGM

Walkabout Waterbottle,
  Queen Bee
  We're Mostly Water
  Hold On
  17th Floor
  Sweet Thing
  Tell Me Now
  Take Me In

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for downloads
Also on Bandcamp: 

LATEST TG CD!! Gourd in the Act

The new Totally Gourdgeous single, “I Have a Dream” (a musical rendering of MLK’s speech),
through MGM distribution: . More about the song at 
The album, "Gourd in the Act”, was released on Feb 2020,
Also on Bandcamp: 


2007 DVD - The Bazaar Clips    A$25 - see youtube for samples 

To order DVD email or go to Contact Page


DVD  2014 - Shades of the Vine $30 - includes the epic "Packrack"! sample clips here

1. Strangers & Foreigners
2. T-Scube Special
3. Pole Sitter
4. Walkabout Waterbottle
5. 17th Floor
6. Packrack
7. Spinach Inquistion
8. Take Me In
plus photo reels & such !

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Latest DVD- The Ripe Stuff -  DEC 2019   Sample here!

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Terra Australis - Australiana, produced, arranged, mixed and co-performed by Andrew ClermontTerra Australis (2000)

The Story . . .

Six piece Australiana, Bush and Good Times music. Winner of 'Battle of the Bush Bands' 1999 (as FowlHouse Jack).

A vibrant recording, released with Southland/Outback Music.

Produced, arranged, mixed and co-performed by Andrew Clermont . . . . . .

The Tracks . . .

1. Wasn't That A Party - Sample (mp3)
2. Glenboro Wool - Sample (mp3)
3. Son Of The Southwind - Sample (mp3)
4. 50 Million Blowflies - Sample (mp3)
5. Dance Dance Dance - Sample (mp3)
6. The Whale - Sample (mp3)
7. Country Drag - Sample (mp3)
8. Throw Me A Line - Sample (mp3)
9. The Naked Piper - Sample (mp3)
10. Lachlan Tigers - Sample (mp3)
11. Capricorn Rain - Sample (mp3)
12. Ryebuck Shearer - Sample (mp3)


Home Grown #2 (1987)

The Story . . .

One of a series of three albums released in the early days where Andrew includes other new artists in each production.

However, on this recording, Clermont plays everything with equal fervor and clean technique -

a serious collectors item featuring the Bluegrass Guitar Championship pieces as indicated below . . . . .

The Tracks . . .

1. Let's Have Some Fun - Maguire's Pub Scenario
2. Lonesome Day - Win in 1984
3. Brickwall Fantasia - Stephen Berry influence
4. Red Wine - Lonely winters by the fire
5. Dusty Miller - Win in 1987
6. Big Mob ("Bob" Monroe!) - Runner-up in 1986
7. Rocket Pilots - Fiddle Mania
8. State Of Mind - About people
9. Apple Butter (Bela Fleck )- Win in 1985
10. Just Like That - The way it happened
11. Doc Wyland's Reel - Dede of the Highlands & Corte Madera (Tony Trischka)
12. I'm Alright - Can't live without 'em, can't live with 'em :-)
13. Ground Zero - Poem by Micheal Dransfield
14. Soddy Daisy (Tony Trischka) - Win in 1985
15. Blacktown Jig (Ray Schloefel) - Fast Fiddle Feature

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BACKBEAT - The Sessions (1990)

'Radical' Rick Ide on 5 string Bass;
Daryl Melbourne on 5 string Stelling Banjo, Lead and Backup vocals;
Andrew Clermont on Fiddle, Mandolin, 5 string Electric Violin, Lead and Backup vocals;
Bruce Priddis on 5 piece Drum kit; and
Brian Dover on Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Songs and Acoustic Guitar (he'd like a 5-string though).

The Story . . .

Recorded live and late at Tathra Studio (Moore Creek), October 1990.

All instruments and voices recorded in stereo for stage sensoround reproduction.

We put forward our best collective foot, left in laughs & jives plus a good dose of music of the moment.
After a year or so Ben Wordsworth eventually replaced Bruce Priddis on drums

Here in an excerpt from Clermont's 20 Year Supper Club Photo Almanac Book

The Tracks . . .

1. She's Long (Blue Yodel - Jimmy Rogers) - Sample (mp3)
2. The Outlaw (J. Bolotin) - Sample (mp3)
3. Working Man (B. Dover) - Sample (mp3)
4. One Way Track (Ricky Scaggs/Wes Golding) - Sample (mp3)
5. The Loner (B. Dover)  
6. Better Slow Down (B. Dover)  
7. Say Goodbye (P. Burton)  
8. Vamp In The Middle (John Hartford) - Sample (mp3)
9. Get In The Wind (G. Place) - Sample (mp3)
10. Forest Ranger (Green) - Sample (mp3)
11. You Don't Think About Me (Stept/Palmer/Clear) - Sample (mp3)
12. Higher Ground (B. Dover) - Sample (mp3)
13. Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein) - Sample (mp3)
14. Great Balls Of Fire (Otis Blackwell) - Sample (mp3)
15. Changes (B. Dover) - Sample (mp3)
16. Flying Low (B. Dover) - Sample (mp3)

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Didgeridoo Interlude - Alastair Black (1996)

Didgeridoo Interlude - Alastair Black (didgeridoo), Andrew Clermont (violin, mandolin, dulcimer), Stephan Richter (cello, bass), Craig Laruisten (percussion, flute)
Alastair Black on Didgeridoo;
Stephan Richter on Cello & Fretless Bass;
Andrew Clermont on Violin, Mandolin & Dulcimer; and
Craig Lauristen on Percussion & Harmonic Flute.

Pretty hard to get a copy of at the mo!

The Story . . .

This album combines the different worlds of Australian Didgeridoo, European Strings and

Afro-American influenced Percussion in a completely improvised exploration of the spirit of nature.

The spontaneous flow of music takes the listener on a journey through a collection of aural landscapes,

each featuring a unique combination of melody, rhythm and emotion.

Each journey is separated by a solo didgeridoo interlude which acts as a narration of the following soundscape.

The Tracks . . .

1. Clouds of Carpentaria 8. Interlude 4
2. Interlude 1 9. Shadowland
3. Return To Dawn 10. Interlude 5
4. Interlude 2 11. Teritories
5. Another Way Home 12. Interlude 6
6. Interlude 3 13. Dunes
7. Against The Flow 14. Interlude 7
    15. Moonraze

The Longing (1997)

Read the Review!

The Story . . .

In those times I had taken to writing a Xmas wRap - stories and the odd detail -

covering the year's mischief and wanderings. Before you is a slice across that past decade or more.

A rememberance of journeys, places, people met, families extended and the music

which gathered it together or set it apart.

Beyond my guitar, mandolin, fiddle or vocals you'll hear "me mates" cut loose in their own style.

Steve Berry/ Trev Warner/ Jim Conway/ Paul Robert Burton/ Steve Gilbert/ Garry Steel/ Beccy Cole/ Liz Frencham/ Wendy M Jackson

Malcom Hammerstein/ Richard Porteous/ Richard Tonkin/ The Sherrahs

For some it was a case of bringing the mountain to Muhammad. Two large reels of 2" 24 track tape, did the lap of Adelaide,

Melbourne and Sydney ABCs twice before the contributions from friends drew to a close.

Well it had to stop sometime in the two and a half years since Richard Porteous first approached me

at Tamworth's Longyard Hotel. He'd said, "its time to record . . ."

The Tracks . . .

The Crest of Gilmont - (Clermont & Gilbert)
- Sample (mp3)
2. Julia Creek - (O'Hara Murphy) - Sample (mp3)
3. Letters From Home (Dear Daddy) - (A, M & S Clermont) - Sample (mp3)
4. The Longing (Clermont) - Sample (mp3)
5. Stay Young (Gallagher & Lyle) - Sample (mp3)
6. Once Upon Arrival (Berry) - Sample (mp3)
7. Song of Bernadette (Cohen) - Sample (mp3)
8. Lights on the Hill (Dusty & McKean) - Sample (mp3)
9. The Sweetest Song I Sing (O'Brien) - Sample (mp3)
10. Ya-Be-Dah! (Berry) - Sample (mp3)
Oh! And then a few bonus tracks snuck in !!

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Fiddlers Festival Live (1997)

Fiddlers Festival Live 1997

The Story . . .

The Shortest, Fattest, Thinnest, Tallest 4 Fiddlers together for a photo shoot re a Red Faces entry

all wearing Pink Ballerina Tutus.....  Well, that's where it started anyway.

Ten years later they did their first Gig together and then since performed across Australia into HongKong,

Japan and who knows when where else. But they always start the year at Tamworth Country Music Festival

where you'll see Clermont still joining Marcus Holden, Clare O'Meara, Mark Oats, Gary Steel and beyond.

This CD has most of the original line up with  Clermont behind the scenes playing much of the Bass as well.

A warm, emotional CD with a good deal of fine 'sawing'

The Tracks . . .

1. Minstrel Boy, Scaley Devils
2. Carthy's March, Lemon Tree
3. Rose of San Antone
4. Give Me Your Hand
5. Slow Boat to China
6. Danny Boy
7. Red-Haired Boy Set
8. Trade Winds
9. Ashplant Set
10. Talkin' Balkan
11. Adagio For Solo Violin
12. Dion Reel, Mouth of the Tobique
13. Ashokan Farewell
New Release: - Get Reel

– More amazing tracks from the fun team.

If you ask real nice Andrew can find you a CD copy of the Golden Guitar Winning

Three Chord Wonders - Try Change - album from 1986 with Slim Dusty joining in the last 2 tracks!


CD Discography & Productions through the years
(DVDs further below)

Some of these may be rare as hens teeth but you might be a lucky one!

1."Homegrown" (Played everything multi track Solo - Cass) Jan 1985

2. produced Brian Young's "Big Fella Wudumbah" (Cass) 1986

3. member to Three Chord Wonders "Try Change" (Record/ Cass & Late 90s Collectors CD LTD Edition)1987 with Lawrie Minson & John Green

4. Homegrown Vol. 2 (Played everything multi track Solo - Cass) 1987 - CD version now available

5. produced Cedar Creek's "... from the Heart" Bluegrass Cass 1989 (while nursing a slashed finger tip!)

6. produced & played bass on The Trailblazers (Harry Trails & Bob Blazers!) -self titled - Comedy Cass 1989

7. produced with Paul Henderson and member to, BackBeat (Rockin' Bluegrass) "...the sessions" (Tamworth Underground Tapes Vol 1) 1990 Cassette CD re-release 1997

8. produced & played on Bob Stewart's "Mountains of Queenstown" Cass1990

9. produced & played on Brian Winter's "Jesus was a Swaggie" CD/ Cass 1991

10. produced & played on Liz Crago's "Homeward" CD/ Cass 1993

11. produced & played on Bill Murray's "Children of the Dreamtime" CD 1995

12. Collaboration on "Didgeridoo Interludes" with Alistar Black, Stephan Richter & Craig Lauritson 1996

13. Member to Fiddlers Festival - "Live” CD 1996 with Ray Schloeffel, Marcus Holden, Mark Oats, Carolyn Trengrove, George Washingmachine, 1997

14. Solo & friends “The Longing” CD 1997 via Richard Porteous & ABC

15. produced & member to “Terra Australis” CD Self titled (originally FowlHouse Jack) 1998

16. produced and member to BLUEGRASS – Made In Taiwan CD : Live & Stormy – featuring Jenny Lester (Canada), Daryl (Jack ) Melbourne & Clermont. (Official Bootleg!) Recorded 1997 Released 2000

17. partnership in the Instrumental movie score style adventure “Dance of the Good Life” Dueling with the amazing Parris MacLeod (piano/drums/bass) 2000

18. partnership in “Happy As Larry” CD Clermont & Parris Macleod. Violin & Piano duets. Instrumentals of Celtic to New Age flavour 2002

19. member to Dya Singh “Bandagi” CD 2001- World Music Group with Dya Singh, Keith Preston, Dheeraj Shrestra, Parvyn, Jamel & Harsel Kaur & Quentin Eyers

20. member to Fiddlers Festival “Strung Out” CD - Holden, Clermont, Oats, Clare O'Meara & Garry Steel 2002
          and member to Fiddlers Festival -"Live in Japan" CD 2002

21. member to Dya Singh “300” CD 2002

22. member to Totally Gourdgeous debut CD with Penelope Swales, Mal Webb, Carl Pannuzzo 2000

23. member to Totally Gourdgeous “D’vine” CD 2002

24. producer of Healing & meditation, from partner Pauline - ‘Songs for the Soul’ and now on Video as well, featuring Pauline’s Art designs 1999

25. producer of “Let the Sun in You Shine Through” - Pauline . A Healing CD with meditation based on recovering from Abuse 2002

26. producer of “Child of Light” CD – Pauline . A Red Indian (First Nation) style meditation journey with cedar flute, healing drum & chanting. 2003

27. member to Fiddlers Festival - “Get Reel” CD 2004

28. producer of Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Oct 2003 CD - Official Bootleg

29. member to The Lawnmowers - "The Good Road" CD 2003

30. member to Totally Gourdgeous - "Stroke of Midnight" CD 2005

31. member to Fiddlers Festival - "Friendzy" CD 2005

32. member to Dya Singh - "Live 2005" CD

33. member to The Lawnmowers "Second Cut" CD 2006

34. member to BluGuru - "Ragas 2 Blu Riches" CD 2010

35. Producer to Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Trilogy CD 2010

36. Member to Totally Gourdgeous - "PunKin" CD  2011     
37. London Abstractions 2011 CD & DVD (with Mal Webb, Tom Donald & Mark Buckingham)

38. Producer to Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Trilogy CD 2012

39. Producer to Cherry Pickers - "Southern Flavour" CD 2016

40. Member to Zen Tripitalia - self titled CD - Chris Blyth (Scot/Germany), Clermont & guest 2016

41. Producer, engineer & co-player for Delia Olam - "Who is Tahirih?" 2017

42. Producer to Golden Fiddle Show - Live @ The Capitol CD 2018

43. Member to Totally Gourdgeous - "Gourd in the Act!" CD 2019

44. Member to Totally Gourdgeous DVD - Gourd @ West End 2019

45. Producer to Kate Battersby's - "City Girl Gone Bush" 2020

46. Producer to Henk Groot's - "Backwater Dreaming" 2020

47. In process producing (together with Quentin Eyers) a likely 2 CD collection for John Memery (Beechworth VIC) 2020

 Videos / DVDs

1. A Crash Course to Fiddling (or Mandolin/Didgeridoo/Guitar) Freedom VID 2000

2. Fiddlers Festival - Live in Japan 2002 DVD

3. Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention 20 Year Celebration 2002 VID

4. Totally Gourdgeous “ Live Cuts from the Vine” 2003 VID/DVD

4. The Supper Club Hightlights 2004 VID/ DVD

5. The Supper Club 2005 DVD series - 13 DVDs in all !!! up to 3 camera angles and up close on stage.

6. The Big Pics DVD - Join Clermont with his around the World collection of landscape shots with accompanying Music from 'Happy as Larry'

7. The Bazaar Clips - Totally Gourdgeous - Woodford 2007/8

8. London Abstractions 2011 - Tom Donald & Mark Buckingham (UK - Piano & Clarinets),
Mal Webb & Andrew Clermont (Oz - Gourd fretless Bass & Gourdalin/ Electic Violin)
including 100 panoramas from Clermont's "Big Pics" Photography

9. The Supper Club - Live @ The Capitol - Double DVD with images off 4 video cameras & 3 still cameras - Steve Newton, Sunnypics, Peter R Brown, Thomas Rosenzweig,
           Performances from BluGuru, Brookie Schiemer (now Gillett), Steve Ahern, Tom Donald, Emily Little, Jess Stocker and special guests who drove into town by chance that day, The Rosellys, from UK
     All at the Tamworth Capitol Theatre 2011

10. Totally Gourdgeous - Shades of the Vine - Live @ Enrec Studio, Calala, Tamworth, NSW 2014

11.Totally Gourdgeous new DVD - The Ripe Stuff Live @ Brisbane's West End 2016
- produced by Matt Moline (STONEGROUND PRODUCTIONS)
Released after Steve Newton Mastering 201

Introducing the Workshop DVDs
with Andrew Clermont

Andrew Clermont Presents - A Crash Course in...
Guitar (DVD) Mandolin (DVD) Fiddle (DVD) Digeridoo (DVD)
Intro- The Pick
Wrist & Pick
Arm & Relax
Pick Rhythms
Fret Hand & Strum
Into Bass Runs
Better Strum
Nimble Fingers
More Dexterity
Picks again
Rhythm Dynamics
G run
String Break
Rhythm Machine
More Tuning
Picking patterns
Last Fling
CDs etc

Soundtracks included:
Various from 'Dance of the Good Life' with Parris Macleod

Peck the Pick
Useful D scale
Finger Placement
Pick Control
Relaxing the Pick
Irish trill
More D scale
Melody Shapes
Back to Basics
Cross Picking
Speed Exercises
Chord Rhythms
CDs to Buy


Soundtracks included:
Two and a Dog & Spinach Inquisition - Totally Gourdgeous
3 Mandolins - 'Dance of the Good Life'

Loosening up the Body
Holding the Bow & Violin
Loosening up the Hands
Accents for Bow Shuffles
Bow wrist movements
The Shuffle
The Note Intervals
More Shuffles
'Possum Up a Gum Stump'
Various Licks 1
Various Licks 2
Various Licks 3
Eb & G minor
For Fun
Revising Note Intervals
Wrap Up & CDs


Soundtracks included:
Various Fiddle pieces from 'Happy as Larry' featuring Parris Macleod on Piano

The Lips
Circular Breathing
The Essential Circle
With Didg
Tone Changes
Breathing recap
Rhythm 2
Didg Talking
Mid Summary
Long Breath
All together
Low Tone
Other Didgeridoos
Harmonic Trumpeting
Big Didg & Pitch
Wrap Up


Soundtracks included:
'Didgeridoo Blitz with Scotland' (fiddle tune played by Jenny Lester)) - Live in Taiwan
'The Crest of Gilmont' - The Longing



“A Crash Course to Fiddling Freedom” - a tiny sample
Mandolin Technique - a tiny sample

Guitar Technique - a tiny sample


Digeridoo Lessons - a tiny sample
The Tuition DVDs typically include

with Bluegrass to Folk - Rock - Country - a grab of Jazz - a twist o' lime!
A great guide to breaking out from classical bonds!

Containing what would normally spread through about 4 visits,
this one lesson will take you a long way.
Note: the Focus is on How to Play the Music, not the tunes themselves. The tools with which to craft the music.

Catering also for those simply starting out, this one is for all-comers. “It’s like I’m patiently there to show you over & over till you’ve got it.

Yep, send me back your questions or ideally return this DVD with yourself videoed and I’ll send back your next steps to take! It’ll be that easy.

All other instruments will be attended as orders are taken in “Cras