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Andrew plays White Swallow Banjos
RIP Luthier Alan Funk
Photo - Shot by Jake

About Andrew Clermont and Bands

"The Uncommon Non Dominator"  :-) - Mal Webb

Scroll down here for a quick listing of Clermont's recent touring bands & shows

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main Bands of the last years -

Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club | BluGuru | Totally Gourdgeous |
The Apostle String Band Tour with Paul Wookey

Andrew Clermont - Teacher |Earlier Bio | 2000 Bio! |Old Bio | Fiery Fiddlers |
John Elliot Questionnaire & Highlights | CDs & DVDs produced over the years

Andrew Clermont is a chameleon multi-instrumental musician from Bluegrass to Indian, Scandinavian to Oldtime.
Has toured with various essence of Australia & US country music and rubbed shoulders with the cools of jazz and classical.
A 3 time Bluegrass Guitar Champ and a Director of the Golden Fiddle Awards in Australia!

Well, before we we all had to lock down and try to halt the virus invader, we were trying to work out recovery from Fire & Flood

2020 had rocked in with a megalithic finale @ Woodfood (un)Fire Event, QLD
co-ordinating the String Section to the 100 piece Orchestra (see highest fiddle bow at the back !)
Followed by a multitude of Supper Club Shows Nowendoc (free for the locals & firefighters/ drought stricken),
Murrurrundi (Chicken in the Window Barn) & Tamworth Country Music Festival

@ The North Tam Bowlo plus The Golden Fiddle Awards!
(see youtubes! over 150 highlights!!)
Then Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention, Tour with Goldheist to SA and Sandford Bush Festival!
Via The Blanche Cave, Naracoorte!

there after was a focus in Piano Tuning !!

Tours of 2019

were with
Kavisha Mazzella plus Two if by Sea (March)
Goldheist (July East Coast NSW) & Feb 2020 across to SA
The Borderers (here & there!)
BluGuru - June October (Tasmania)
Bluegrass - Made in Taiwan! - November
Special tours late Oct/ Nov 2016 - 18
The Apostle String Band Tour with Paul Wookey, Pete Fidler, Andrew Clermont
with Rod Coe on Bass 2017 & James Gillard on Bass (the St James Version) 2018
plus Montz Matsumoto (first lap) & Paddy Montgomery (the last week!)
more info in "Latest News" link above!

In 2015 I was found as  Zen Tripitalia with Scottish electric guitarist, Chris Blyth (Berlin & Barcelona) and Cellist Rachel Johnston @
Townsville & Magnetic Island returning with Chris to Palm Creek Festival in 2018 as well!

Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club

a Finale shot of the grand January week in 2016 @ North Tamworth Bowling Club

And during it's continuing decades -
featured at Woodford, Tamworth & Fairbridge Festivals plus the National Folk Fest,
Clermont melds peoples musical strengths and inspiration into a "wild wood" with few limits
- in it's 23nd official year in 2021 with 2 Triple Live CD sets plus many DVDs of captures!
See the CD Shop

 He finally created an all encompassing event, highly regarded & cherished across many Festivals
- not only originally hosting the NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Contest, it also allowed the creation of most orchestration possibilities
in the name of Country(s) & Folk Music with a fellowship of youth & seasoned who stop at few borders or genres.
Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club included 100 players in 2013! 
Sup Club Live Recordings are distilled into - 7 CDs and many DVDs (including Tuition)!


Sounding like "Jeff Beck meets Ravi Shankar on the set of 'Oh! Brother Where Art Thou' while dancing in Rio!",

 they feature the sublime voice of Parvyn Bennett (+ Percussion, Mandolin & Indian Dance);
     Josh Bennett (Adelaide Fringe Award Nominee for Best Music) - Guitars & Mandolin to Sitar,  Dilruba, fiddle & Tabla.
Both also feature in super group Bombay Royale;
      And chameleon Andrew Clermont, who is also a nutso Fiddler, Mandolinist & 3 time Bluegrass Guitar Champ to boot - 30 years touring - 
from Tom T Hall, Dya Singh to Totally Gourdgeous and Golden Fiddle Award director!

      They are distilled from a vibrant world touring history with
a 3 part harmonised twisting tale of gone Bluegrass/Celtic/ Blues/ Swing/ Jazz/ Indian adventure.

BluGuru was born of the Dya Singh world touring - gleaning influences from each festival and act met. It all rubbed off and became distilled into
the trio featuring the sublime voice of Parvyn ( with Percussion, Mandolin & Indian Dance - also seen with Bombay Royale),
Josh Bennett (Guitars & Mandolin to Sitar & Tabla - Adelaide Fringe Award Nominee for Best Music and the ONLY invited
foreigner performer at India's 14 day Saptak Music Festival of Festivals!) - .
And chameleon Andrew Clermont, who is also a nutso Fiddler, Mandolinist & 3 time Bluegrass Guitar Champ to boot -
over 30 years touring -  from Tom T Hall to Totally Gourdgeous!
   Plus special guests include cellist Rachel Johnston or Octave Violinist Shenzo Gregorio (Electic Stunt Orchestra & Fourplay)  
with big smiles all round.

School Concert / Dance Workshop Youtube in Friland School Denmark (Koncert På Feldballe Friskole)

Totally Gourdgeous
"Joni Mitchell meets James Brown in Bob Marley's pumpkin patch via The Muppets!"

Above casually mid tour !

Voted Best Live Folk Act by Australian Folk Alliance 2008
All are playing Gourd instruments luthiered by Penelope Swales - Legendary since young (Gourd Guitar, Gourdalin, Stomp, Aslatuas,
Chinese Hulusi Gourd Flute), Mal Webb - from Lano & Woodley to Glastonbury Solo (Gourd Bass, Mbira, Gournet, Voice-box), Carl Pannuzzo -
  Smallest Stadium Band in the world to Woodford Fire Event Choir master (Gourd Djemba, Percussion, Guitar),
Andrew Clermont - a nutso player from Dya Singh to Tom T Hall (Gourdiddle, Gourdalin, Guitar) and all with Gourdatious Vocals to produce a
manic, organic musical experience, punning pathos, heartfelt hilarity & messages of love, fellowship and environmental sanity.

on pause is
All Corners Covered
- Rachel Johnston & Andrew Clermont (formerly Zen Tripitalia with Chris Blyth)
Multi instrumentalist Andrew Clermont and cellist Rachel Johnston present an eclectic and colourful collection of tunes sure to delight
lovers of multiple-string textures, spontaneous improv and quicksilver instrumental virtuosity
- this is acoustic music-making at it's sparkling best.

House Deck Concert in Budgong - Thanks Barbara & Adam

Andrew Clermont touring with super cool cellist Rachel Johnston (formerly 7 years of the Australian String Quartet (!) and toured with
Missy Higgins). Together they covered a selection from the tips of Scandinavia through UK to inner Outback & Oldtime.
Tantalising and soaring are the works. Curious & twisted are the stories and songs. Clermont is with new sensuous double size Mick Moffat F5
Mandola along side the Gilchrist F5 Mandolin and Roger Buckmaster Fiddle, beside Rachel's Luis & Clark "near glowing" Cello,
plus Clermont's 3 time Bluegrass Guitar Champ maneuvers and haunting "cast metal" Didgeridoo.
A feast to behold.
Occasionally touring/ appearing with Mal Webb on unique Mouth Music Beat Boxing


Andrew Clermont - Teacher

Gleaning from near 30 years of Festival Workshops/ Schools/ Private & Group lessons, Clermont has specialised in a bridge for the people who
learnt violin at some time, likely classically trained but are perhaps stuck at a progress plateau. Clermont can come to you or you to him or even
take a DVD path. This Crash Course to Fiddle gets your bowing rhythms & lilts up & running for the multitude of fun Bluegrass/Celtic/ Swing
tunes, plus lowdown Fiddlin` Blues & Country. A simple introduction to modes of scales, reactive and interactive playing, going ballistic and easy
improvisational possibilities (also available for Mandolin, Guitar or Didgeridoo).

For young and old !

A further overview of workshops
 As Clermont applies the workshop hinged on the actual attendees needs, the following is just a guide.
The aim is to get you beyond where you are, in the time available.

Specific tuition in : -
Separate CRASH COURSES TO MANDOLIN/ FIDDLE/ GUITAR all include the following:
How to make what you play, sound like it was always meant to be there. Slotting into someone else's genre/style, recognising and adopting
their idioms and producing the appropriate accompaniment. Rising above and around your Musical Plateau;



A simple introduction to modes of scales; reactive and interactive playing;
going ballistic; Improvisation is but a few notes from where you are now!


Pick techniques , achievable Chords, Accompanying, Soloing and a bit on how to go
ballistic, musically :-) Includes a leaning to the blues

Bowing - in particular the shuffles, lilts, trills and a step by step path to soloing safely and effectively.
Includes a leaning to the blues and definitely an easy conversion from Classical to Folk fiddling.

Includes applying Guitar to Fiddle tunes and the most volume you can extract from your instrument per effort.
Rising above and around your Musical Plateau; useful accompaniment and a bit on how to nuts in performance !

GUITAR OPTION: Master Class Championship Bluegrass Flat-Picking - Book & CD support
Sure-fire techniques to crack the illusive circular breathing - then the journey begins.

focused on live mixing: equalising the whole sound system (and the band players!!) : extracting the Real tones from the instruments and voice,
pre-amps, pick-ups & microphones: stacking the odds and players in your favour for a successful mix & performance - and most importantly -
keeping it simple!

6. A Song-writing Workshop - having songs sound natural and a few other things you may not have checked on!

  Clermont annually includes sound-sorting at numerous Festivals - and head of production at

the "epic" 35 hours over 8 days Supper Club at Tamworth Festival, Nowendoc Fest, Sandford Bush Fest,
Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention, Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Fests, all but one of the 20 Frances Folk Gatherings,

and the last 10 years of Mildura Country MusicFest !

Andrew Clermont Bio

Clermont has finally "settled down", Solo or nestled in a happy handful of bands with 5 or 6 instruments. Appearing in Austria/ Kenya/
USA/ Canada/UK/ Germany/ Taiwan/ Malaysia/ Hong Kong/ Singapore/New Zealand/ and Australia wide through the last decades!

Sponsorships/assistance -

Just Better Care NSW - huge contribution for performer travel assistance
to Andrew Clermont's Supper Club - particularly in these Covid times!

Maton Guitars (stunning 12-string), Gilchrist Mandolins, Epoch Violins & Buckmaster Violins with appreciated relations to
Tucker Barrett Instruments, White Swallow Banjos (RIP Alan Funk) and Swales Gourd instruments -
plus various printing and performer travels help from Clearview IT through the years


The Bands -
Andrew Clermont's Supper Club
BluGuru (Josh Bennett, Parvyn Kaur Singh & Clermont)/
Goldheist (with Hester Fraser)
Totally Gourdgeous (OZ & Europe) / The Borderers (quite often)

and previously
Zen Tripitalia (occasionally) The Lawnmowers/ Fiddlers Festival

(Tamworth to Europe & Tokyo/ HongKong )/ Terra Australis (Multi-Awarded Bush Band) /
Dya Singh Internationally Awarded World Music Group
- SA to USA, UK & Malaysia
Celtic Conundrums (eg a few times snow band at Charlottes Pass with Ollie Francis RIP! )

and the Golden Guitar winning THREE CHORD WONDERS !

Other cool occasional collaborations through the years -
Tom T Hall/ John Chester/ Kavisha Mazzella/ Elizabeth Lord & Leigh James/ Tania Elizabeth (Canada)/ Willow Stahlut- Kemp/
Matiladroo/ Greg Champion/ Pat Drummond/ Donna Reynolds/ Xavier Rudd/ The Waifs….

The Festivals annually attended -

Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention (now caretaker of sound production & attendee for most of 35 years) (Photo Clermont)

performing @ Woodford Folk Festival Hilltop Stage with Dya Singh World Music Group

Woodford Folk Festival (30 years including Maleny!) Photo Marilla Homes Fire Event 2014 - Andrew is just to the right of the lady giant :-)

The National Folk Festival with Paddy Montgomery, Tom Kendall, Alex Gordon, Tony Eyers, Tony Hunter & Nigel Lever first layer!

Pt Fairy Folk Festival - here Andrew is rocking with The Borderers @ The Star Hotel Pt Fairy (first fest visit here was the mid 80s!)

and all 20 of Frances Folk Gatherings (SA Border) - what amazing decades of friendships & performances! Production for all but the first!

Mildura Country Music Festival This be "just" the Pizza Bar! (Clermont co-ordinated Production & was an Awards player during it's last decade)

Andrew Clermont's International  Supper Club (22nd year in 2020) a 'Fringe Fest' to Tamworth Country Music Festival
(Andrew has been going to the festival  since 1983! )

Now for over 20 years he has been featuring 100s of players through Andrerw Clermont's  International Supper Club from Tamworth to Estonia!
      At the same time he's been 'pumpkin powered' in Totally Gourdgeous (Voted Best Live Folk Band '08);

Distilling a magical trio BLUGURU from epic tours with Australia's multi-awarded/cultural Dya Singh World Music Group
(Perth to LA& New York to London Royal Albert Hall) ; he's a 3 time Bluegrass National Guitar Champ and straddled the 'cutting hedge' with
The Lawnmowers Bluegrass band & The Apostle String Band
  however also touring assorted artists when he gets a chance!

Or in Goldheist with Hester Fraser 2020 plus regularly in The Borderers (SA) since 1998 - receiving People's Choice Award - Australian Folk Alliance 2021

         Andrew initiated the NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Contest for a number of years and is a Director to the Golden Fiddle Awards since it's inception .
These are both sponsored by Epoch Violins with Andrew touring the unique electric 5-string models

There are over 30 CDs & assorted Tuition DVDs (Fiddle/Mandolin/Guitar/Didgeridoo) with a recent addition of the
"Being There" Big Pics multi-photo series prints. These pics can blow up to vertical door size & house wall widths & dimensions
- though typically the A3 size is bought.

All in all a true smorgasbord of sound and vision - plus thanks to Covid hermiting - Piano Tuning !!

The Supper Club

The years since 1998 have seen Andrew Clermont’s International Supper Club grow to full swing with artists from Tibet, Italy & Nepal to
Texas, Oklahoma & Taiwan and many of Australia’s own unique Voice to Dance & Instrumentalists presented. Andrew is delighted to
have this ‘Fringe Festival’ (often 15 shows!) develop in his home town - via the Tamworth Country Music Festival primarily, but also
gathered at Woodford Folk Festival for many years, National Folk, Pt Fairy, Fairbridge Festivals and way up to Tallin in Estonia and even Berlin!

Family, Awards, Causes & fine Friends

Born in Adelaide in 61 and soon a ‘legend’ :-) at his Primary School concerts, Andrew has now resided near Tamworth for most of his life;
trained horses to ride off into the sunset on and taught/ mentored a string of adventurous musicians across the country
through workshops, visits & lessons both direct & on Video.

His love of acoustic music gained him 3 Bluegrass Guitar Championships (now a judge) and a Golden Guitar with the Three Chord Wonders
at the beginning of his working life. Then there was the Noses of Fame & Hands of Fame (Tamworth & Barmera) inclusions in cement!
     There is a bold bunch of beautiful daughters & grandsons plus family from Adelaide through Tamworth to Berlin, Germany.
Funnily enough it’s the regular touring that keeps a large element of family contact rolling along.

He is a tall, colourful and exuberant regular at many festivals - even providing sound production to suit some of them. The only
Artist to Fairbridge Folk Fest to be invited to all four showcases of Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar & Gospel + Musicianship Award winner
at Frances Folk Gathering + a regular host of Fiddle Round Robins around the country.

But some fancier fiddling footwork is often more publicly seen with friends like The Borderers, Tamerisque, Kavisha Mazzella,
Pat Drummond, The Waifs, Jeff Lang, Xavier Rudd or from USA - Tom T Hall, Kate Campbell, Colin Brooks and ….

somewhere near you soon!

Recordings, Videos, Books, Internet Youtubes / Facebook

There are some 30 or more CDs which present Andrew in the various groups, Solo and with various collaborations. Most can be
sampled at the extensive website with many travel stories, photos world wide, and Concert Emovies. 

Also waiting there are samples of the 4 Tuition Videos, and an entire ‘House’ of photos & linked pages to glean a more
personal insight to the last decades of world traveled music from the chameleon, Andrew Clermont.



Mini-Bio #1


The borders of music tumble as Clermont challenges the musical moment. History has seen him with Troy Cassar Daley; The Waifs, Tom T Hall (USA) and Jeff Lang literally threw his guitar off when a Xmas duel at Woodford could go no higher. However Andrew did slip in with India(n) group Dya Singh  soaring the ragas which morphed into multi-faceted BluGuru and often cutting loose with The Borderers.
His prime CD - The Longing - is a smorgasbord of acoustic finery. There's also the over 20 years with Award Winning “Totally Gourdgeous” and his "International Supper Club ". Folk from around the world to jazz, blues and a little down home Country & Bluegrass with "The Lawnmowers"
- after all he did win 3 Bluegrass Guitar Championships as well!
Watch him go from calm to berserk with flair!


Award Nomination for Contribution to Folk Music 2021

Contribution to Folk Alliance Australia Award Submission by
Anne Miller - Director to Penola Coonawarra Acoustic Music Gathering
 Andrew Clermont
Andrew has been a fixture in the national folk scene for over 40 years.  
He plays Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, Fiddle, Viola, Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Double Bass, and Tenor Banjo and Voice with equal fervour, style and technique.  Although a virtuoso of most of these instruments when he gets on stage to be a part of or assist other performers, he is humble and giving, never overshadowing them and is only there to enhance their performance.

His calm, low key approach underlies his incredible competency at live sound mixing/band engineering, where he is able to extract the “real” tones from the instruments and voices. This unique ability along with his renowned “Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club” has him in high demand at Folk Festivals nationally.

Andrew does not keep his skills and talents of playing and sound mixing to himself.  He teaches workshops, tutors one on one and developed DVDs to help people move beyond their musical plateau where ever they may be. He has also produced or played on 45 personal & Band CDs and created 11 DVDs plus a 120 page A3 book Photo Almanac through 20 years of his International Supper Club, as well as a session muso on over a hundreds of other artists albums.

Throughout his career he has travelled extensively both nationally and internationally -Spain, Austria, Kenya, USA, Canada, UK, German, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. His resume of bands and well-known people he has played and collaborated with is unbelievable.  Tom T Hall (USA) to Dya Singh World Music Group

At present still featuring with BluGuru, Totally Gourdgeous, The Borderers, The Apostle String Band Tours and his International Supper Club plus recent tours with Goldheist & Kavisha Mazzella.
Andrew has been involved as a Director, and now Musical Director, of The Golden Fiddle Awards since it’s inception two decades ago, recognising fiddle and violin players and teachers.  He has seen three generations of fiddle players and other instruments develop and keep folk music alive.

Over the decades he has won over 11 music awards, many more than once.
During Covid he turned to tuning over 20 pianos fully back to concert pitch, just another incredible talent that serves the community.

Why did you think he should win this award?
Andrew has devoted his life to music. “Everyone is a folk musician, everyone has that in them, if they are passionate about something. From the very way you present yourself there is a storytelling, there is a melody, there is heritage is everyone’s voice.” “Our job is to turn up at schools, down the street, wherever we can, to give the kids (young & old) an opportunity to hear something different, to inspire. You only need a few leaders and it will take off like wildfire.”
Andrew’s consistent enthusiasm, professional and inspirational musicianship has won admiration from both other musicians and audiences alike.
Event organisers and audiences would attest that he brings his own style of magic either by performing himself, spontaneously accompanying other musicians to enhance their sound or mixing the sound for multiple instruments and voices.  He personally has a huge following and brings credibility to any gathering.


As it turned out, in 2021 the award was given to the remarkable
Dave DeSanti (Illawarra Folk Fest and much more).
since the mid 90s Clermont has performed regularly as part of The Borderers,
who in 2021, won the People's' Choice Award - Australian Folk Alliance!
And then less than a month later Clermont was
inducted into the SA Music Hall of Fame!!



Fiery Fiddlers

- FOUR FIERY FIDDLERS - as presented by BEMAC, Brisbane, August, 2001

ANDREW CLERMONT in concert with

As it turns out, Clermont & Graham had been meeting up at festivals across Victoria through to Queensland for quite a while at the time but now in 2021, a full 20 years later, he’s strong friends with Shenzo as well and appear at each other’s events regularly. They all hit it off very well throughout the night
Bemac Four Fiery Fiddlers - Spiros, Andrew, Fred, Shenton

ANDREW CLERMONT (left), chameleon player with Epoch Strings sponsorship and soon became Director to the Golden Fiddle Awards was this night letting his hair down with

FRED GRAHAM (Far Right):

One of Australia foremost fiddle players, Fred Graham plays with Brisbane-based Celtic group Tulca Mor and is a founder member of the jazz-fusion/ original music quartet Mystrel. Whilst graduating with a degree in Jazz studies, Fred has nurtured his interest in Irish fiddle playing, which recently culminated in his touring Ireland on a Lord Mayor’s Cultural Fellowship grant, to study Irish fiddling. Fred has played at many major festivals throughout Australia, including Woodford Festival, Canberra National Folk Festival and Port Fairy Festival. Fred has recorded two critically acclaimed CD’s: ‘Rise a Mile’ with Tulca Mor and ‘What Borders’ with Mystrel. For the BEMAC ‘Four Corners of the Earth’ World Music Café, Fred will be accompanied by long-standing musical colleague and friend, Steve Cook on Bouzouki and Guitar.


A graduate from Queensland Conservatorium with a Bachelor of music in classical Violin, Shenton Gregory’s style combines sheer virtuosity, amazing versatility, and an entertaining touch of eccentricity. Shenton has toured with Queensland Arts Council in schools across 7500km of Queensland; Participated in the “Jazz in July” course at University of Massachusetts, USA Composed music for La Boite Theatre and the band George, Toured with Natalie Cole. Performed a world premier Violin Concerto with a 35 piece amplified orchestra as well as dangling from a roof in Queen St mall as “Shenzo Gregorio Stunt Violinist” live on Ch 9 “Today”. Perfomed in
“Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra” at opening of Roma Street Parklands. Played African and Afro-Cuban music with Keith Caisey at the 1999 Pinnacles jazz festival; Vulcana omen’s circus, Smokey Dawson, Savage Garden, The Whitlams, Kelway String Quartet, Musica Viva, and with ‘SARS’, the Gypsy, Jazz, Tango fusion quartet, at the Powerhouse for BEMAC World Music Café and at Brisbane Festival 2000. Shenton has recently recorded a CD with SARS.


Violinist and Conductor, was born in Corfu, Greece, grew up in Athens and pursued his musical studies in Vienna, Austria, where he met his wife and musical partner, Israeli born pianist Brachi Tilles. Spiros has won the International Violin competitions of Colmar, France and Forte dei Marmi, Italy and commissioned and promoted over 400 performances around the world as a soloist, chamber music player and conductor. He has recorded over 55 records for many labels including Deutsche Grammophon, Harmonia Mundi, Adelcord and Grevillea Records. He has been a frequent guest performer for National broadcast companies in Europe, Asia and Australia. Spiros came to Australia in 1976 as a member of the Vienna based group Ensemble 1. He is the founder, artistic director and conductor of the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, and has taught at the Victorian College of the Arts, the University of Southern Queensland & University of Melbourne. He has appeared recently as a soloist with several regional Victorian and Queensland Orchestras in concertos by Bach, Haydn, Lalo, Chausson and Saint-Saens. Spiros has received the Hellenic Distinction Award (Melbourne 1987 and 1990).


Andrew Clermont BIO Earlier Overview

From watching his brother & sister learning music, Clermont was soon singing The Seekers songs at infant school in Adelaide. A few years tuition, a "Guitar Favourites" record from the folks, "The Ventures" from sister and "Dark Side of the Moon" /"Led Zeppelin" from brother; add 9th year English teacher, Geoff Bridgland's, introduction to Bluegrass (as a school elective!) and the seeds were sown.

Funnily enough, the school music classes never turned him on. He just appeared at the end of year concert, bewildering the music Dept.

Even before high school finished (I think there was a school mates band called Jaguar), Andrew was co-ordinating gatherings of musicians in school/ church halls for big jams.
Somehow that form has stuck. Recent years gatherings at Woodford World Music festival with up to 14 on stage - from aboriginal chants, Indian lilts to the fiddle fraternity plus Blues, Bluegrass & New Acoustic devotees.

Leaving the louder electric realm for acoustic timbres, the formative years with his brother Alex, late 70s early 80s, exploring bluegrass and original ideas set Andrew's quick musical wit in place. Several years with the admired Adelaide Newgrass group, Remnants, soaking knowledge, vision and considerable Port(!), between Peter Hall (their banjo-man & all instrument supplier!) and importer/ Radio presenter Neil Meaney (now ABC Wodonga), cemented Andrew's musical approach (not the Port!).

After surviving the many round the clock sessions, parties, and a little mechanical engineering training, the world of musical mingling and passing on, was afoot. Add to that the appearance of a beautiful daughter every 4 or so years, 2 very full decades followed

Bio 2000 -  a walk down memory lane !

BIOGRAPHY into 2000 - New Acoustic Music Exponent

Clermont’s ability to be chameleon within each individual performance of a host of Artists sets him apart from the pack.

Clermont has prepared himself for your event:




 2023 Golden Fiddle Lifetime Achievement Award !
@ Tamworth Town Hall during Tamworth Country Music Festival

together with Shenzo Gregorio (Best Fiddler) Jessie May (Community Award) Gleny Rae & her Playboys (Best Fiddler with a Band)

Inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame! Nov 18, 2022

At Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival (just south of Adelaide)

and an honour to share with the Supper Club team!

Inducted by Enrico Morena - Adelaide Music Collective

Plus in 2021 - Peoples Choice Award  - Folk Alliance Australia - The Borderers!
Andrew has appeared with them steadily since 1998! Here at Adelaide Fringe 2021

Andrew Clermont has also received
1984, 1985, 1987 National Flat-pick (Bluegrass) Guitar Championship Awards

Signed here by Judge master USA multi-instrumentalist Mark O'Connor & tour guitarist Eddie Davidson

  Photo here with 1987 winners Ian Simpson (Banjo) & Tony Fitzgibbon  (Fiddle) whom Andrew also backed on guitar!

Much thanks to the Tamworth Country Music Festival for supporting this side of the music - it was vital inspiration for so many!
Golden Guitar Award "Best Vocal Group" as the Three Chord Wonders 1987
Andrew , Johnny Green (waving for his daughter Billy!) & Lawrie Minson

Bonus shot with Lawrie Minson (Three Chord Wonders) and "our" Gold Guitar collection!
Andrew with his sponsored Epoch Sunset Violin, Gilchrist Mandolin & Geoff Bridgeland Dulcimer
Noses of Fame inclusion (mid 80s)
Good humoured appreciation from the wild side of Tamworth Country Music!
I've included George here for some extra credibility !

Won the Battle of the BushBands 1999 as Fowl House Jack
here painted by Pro Hart outside the Quandong Hotel VIC !

Won of the Battle of the BushBands 2002 as Terra Australis (nearly same band! )


Barmera Country Music Hands of Fame Inductee 1999

with youngest daughter Tahlia photo bombing just behind!

rubbing shoulders with fellow Inductee of SA Music Hall of Fame Jim Hermel 2022
and quite the who's who of SA Country Artists of the time
Wayne Law, Jonnie Russell, Peter Busher, Zeta Burns, Wally Sparrow and Noel Watson !
Musicianship Award Inaugural Frances Folk Gathering 2001 & Best Instrumentalist 2006

Country Music Hands of Fame Inductee (Tamworth 2003)

Together with good friend Pat Drummond and Adam Harvey !

Totally Gourdgeous - Voted Best Live Folk Act by Australian Folk Alliance 2008

Featured at the National Portraits Gallery
and subsequently on a far ranging Gallery Tour
- through the photos of John Elliot!
Perhaps not exactly an Award but crikey, damn close!

Check out my shark tooth (thanks Diana Kühn, Germany)!    Oh! And me mate John Williamson

And soooo grateful to be also beside Reg Lindsay with whom I sessioned on his Reasons to Ride CD 1993 and
Jimmy Little who joined the Brian Young Tour with me 1985 looping the Australian outback in a 1946 DeHaviland Dove (about 28,000km!)
Variously Awarded while with Dya Singh World Music Group from California to Nairobi !



And Director to the Golden Fiddle Awards since inception 2005 and eventually Musical Director as well.


Jan 2022


One day cutting crazy tunes with the jester of Jazz guitar, Ian Date;

Choreographing with violin demon, Ian Cooper;

Rinsing lines with George Washingmachine;

Beside the songwriters - Pat Drummond, Norma O’Hara Murphy, Brent Parlane, Elizabeth Lord, Greg Champion, Beccy Cole, (and he recalls a cherished duet with Paul Kelly);

USA’s Tom T. Hall and Kate Campbell creating sound-scapes to their stories;

In another breath delivering Indian music with Dya Singh favorites of the Woodford World Music Festival);

Or don’t suppose you’ve caught the latest offering from the Screaming Jets? That intriguing spot of mandolin and in parts fiddle, comes courtesy of this obliging gentleman;

The bands take a turn too:

The Fiddlers Festival show cases;

The multi-awarded Dead Ringer Band;

Adelaide’s refined Brigalow with a classical touch;

Leslie Avril Band - Country Soul;

Happening Thang - when it was happening;

Sydney’s choice venue 'The Basement' with The Shuffle Kings supreme;

Andrew Clermont: Top hat . . . Top muso!But then there are the 3 Bluegrass Guitar Championships to his name, a Golden Guitar for Best Vocal Group with the Innovative Three Chord Wonders, European Tours including the wide-ranging Kelly’s Revenge and the entire season of World Expo ’92 in Seville, Spain for the notorious Kangaroo Pub. From Taipei’s Blue Note Jazz Club via Leofoo Village Adventure Park Bluegrass Show (Taiwan ) to the smoldering quadrangle of the Pilpilatjara community NW South Australia on one of Brian Young’s “Longest Chartered Flight Concert Tours in the World!” There are no boundaries to Clermont’s spreading music “gospel”. And listening to his 4-way and more CD package, one is convinced this is but the tip of his melodic iceberg - look out Titanic!

Nominated to Top 5 ‘Best Instrumental’ for Golden Guitar Awards with Once Upon Arrival with Steve Berry in 1998 & The Crest of Gilmont with Steve Gilbert Harmonica in 1999 – both from THE LONGING CD. Awarded ‘Album of the Month’ in September 1998 Capital News. USA Tour in Oct/Nov 1999 with India(n) cross-culture group, Dya Singh. Now in Top 5 for 'Best instrumental' in Golden Guitars 2000. Reeling in the Big One with Parris McCleod.

Andrew Clermont - the essentials ( solo or with band ) - plays Didgeridoo, Dulcimer, Fiddle, Viola, Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Double bass, Tenor Banjo and Voice with equal fervor, style and technique.

Back in 2000 he had this small CD package to offer – (which grew to a feast of Clermont's recorded musicology in 45 recordings by 2020):

  1. The Longing – presenting the cross-section;
  2. BackBeat . . The Sessions – rockin’ Bluegrass;
  3. Didgeridoo Interludes – landscape sounds from Cello to Didgeridoo;
  4. Fiddlers Festival Live – 10 great Oz fiddlers in 3 shows & more;
  5. The Feast of Fiddlers ABC - 16 individual artists & styles glorifying the Violin;
  6. Terra Australis (originally FowlHouse Jack) - winners of the 'Battle of the Bush Bands' 1999;
  7. Songs for the Soul - for healing & meditation, with partner Pauline;
  8. Dance of the Good Life - An instrumental CD full of adventure with 'Young Australian' award winning Parris MacLeod on Piano & Drums & Bass with Andrew on everything else;
  9. BLUEGRASS - Made in Taiwan (Live & Stormy!) - A classic capture of a cross-cultural event. Jenny Lester from Canada/ Daryl (Jack) Melbourne from BackBeat with Andrew Clermont on their wild last day together in "The Wild West" of the Leofoo Village Adventure Park, Taiwan! Really!
  10. Totally Gourdgeous - with Penelope Swales (Vocals, luthier of the Gourd instruments i.e. guitar, fretless Bass, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Jembai, Didg! etc.), Mal Webb & Carl Panuzzo - Just amazing folk/reggae.
  11. Strung Out - Fiddlers Festival - This one will bring you right up to date with plenty of smiles.

Andrew has produced a dozen definitive albums for assorted artists and can design recordings for albums, ads or private memoirs . . . even restoration. Just call to discuss your musical needs for a solution.

Often associated Bands/Artists: And at these Music Festivals:
Totally Gourdgeous
Celtic Conundrums
Andrew Clermont and Friends
Andrew Clermont's Bluegrass Meltdown
Kelly's Revenge
Dya Singh
Brent Parlane
Hot Club Trio (Swing Bros)
Norma O’hara Murphy
The Longing
Michael Fix
Steve Berry
Leslie Avril
Greg Champion
John Wibberley
Acoustic Shock
Hand-Picked (MacCormack Bros)
Terra Australis (ex FowlHouse Jack)
Champions of Champions
Pat Drummond
Elizabeth Lord & Leigh James
Peter Grayling
Shuffle Kings
Three Chord Wonders
Fiddlers Festival
Steve Gibson
Daimon Davies
Tim Rickhards
Chris Aronsten
Brian Young

Apollo Bay Music Festival Vic.
Francis Folk Festival S.A.
Yarra Junction Fiddlers' Convention
California World Music Festival USA
Silverton Folk Festival USA
Victoria Folk Festival CANADA
Winnepeg Folk Festival CANADA
Malung Country Music Festival SWEDEN
Osthammer Music Festival SWEDEN
Experience Australia Festival - Bonn GERMANY
World Expo 1992 - Kangaroo Pub, Seville SPAIN
Pt. Fairy
National Folk
SA State Folk
Redlands Bay Fiddle Fest
Harrietville Bluegrass
Byron Bay Blues
Illawarra Folk
Gympie Muster
Thredboe World Music
Frankston Guitar
Cobargo too!

I love Maton Guitars!!
Photo - Shot by Jake

Bio from the 90's

Andrew & Nayia
photo by Lou Farina
Andrew was born on June 5th, 1961 in Adelaide, South Australia and from his early efforts on the guitar and singing Seekers songs when just six years old, he has progressed to become one of Australia's leading musicians and Bluegrass exponents - a virtuoso on instruments as diverse as the fiddle, the mandolin and the didgeridoo. He has toured extensively right across Australia and through the outback with the likes of Johnny Chester, Brian Young, Tammy Wynette, Tom T. Hall, Allison Durban and James Blundell. A regular performer at Tamworth and other CM festivals and at many folk festivals, Andrew has worked with numerous artists including The Dead Ringer Band, Beccy Cole, Troy Cassar-Daley, Greg Champion, Brent Parlane, Jim Haynes and Pat Drummond.

Andrew was the National Bluegrass Flatpick Guitar Champion in 1984, 1985 and 1987 and is currently a Bluegrass Championship Judge. A member of the Three Chord Wonders from 1985 to 1988, he shared their Golden Guitar for "Losin' My Blues Tonight" in 1987. Overseas tours have taken Andrew to Spain for the World Expo in 1992 and to Sweden, Norway, Austria and his family's homeland, Germany, in 1995; closely followed by a UK tour with Norma O'Hara Murphy. Then in 1996, he spent four months performing in Taiwan.

Andrew's long awaited third album, "The Longing", was released in 1997 and featured many friends - the best talent available anywhere - including guitarist Steve Berry. Andrew now makes his home near Moonbi, north-east of Tamworth, and daughter, Nayia Michelle (who appears with dad in the above photo), is destined for big things in the music world - despite her tender years, when she sings, you just know that she is singing from the heart

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1998 began with an Indian music perfomance at Woodford World Music Festival with Dya Singh - international perfomers from Adelaide SA. The year wound through many festivals peaking with a combined family tour joining Elizabeth Lord & Leigh James with kids, (6 all up), together with each others new CDs "The Longing" to "Share" tour. 9000km - Byron Bay, Tamworth, Queanbeyan, Mildura, Adelaide (Festival Theatre), Spud's Roadhouse, Alice Springs, Uluru, Devil's Marbles, Camooweal, Carnavon Gorge, Redlands Bay Fiddlers Fest (Brisbane), and back to Tamworth . . .phew! See story page.

See him somewhere soon! Gympie Muster for a Bluegrass Breakfast, Fiddlers Festival or soaring with the other artists. Northern NSW with Pat Drummond - check Pat's site for further details. Andrew is also available for long distance lessons - recordings, performances too! ...on with the show!




Early influences during school years?

The Seekers; Peter Paul & Mary; The Ventures; Status Quo; Led Zepplin; Pink Floyd; Highschool Teacher Geoff Bridgeland (formed Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys as a 9th year school elective!); Genesis then David Grisman, Old and in the Way and the New Grass fascination was set solid.

Who is your hero?

Russ Barenberg (acoustic Guitar), Jeff Beck (Electric Guitar), Mark O'Conner (Fiddle), David Grisman (Mandolin), Tony Trischka/ Bela Fleck (Banjo)

Career highlight?

Too many but...Performing in Dya Singh, with The Waifs and alongside Bluehouse & Fruit - 4 All Australian bands together at The Californian World Music Festival, Grass Valley 2001 - Aussies Rocked the US!!

Career lowpoint?

What's that?

Where do you see your career taking you?

Further into the world's nooks & crannies with an increasing amount of benefit to assist those in hardship.

Memorable gig?

Last solo gig Oct 31 2005 celebrating the 100th birthday of Bendemeer's wooden Bridge with a world of folk at the old Hall raising funds for their 3 phase power. Joined by Belinda Wamsley on wonderful harmony vocals. 2&1/2 hours of a great audience and everything went better than right! Mind you, the 183 Birthday of a central Taiwan town Hsinshu, with Daryl (Jack) Melbourne (Dobro), Randal Wilson (Drums), Parris Macleod (Keyboards) & Donna Reynolds (Bass) in a 6 lane Roundabout Ruin Amphitheatre (centre of the City) was quite up there too!

Who do you listen to?

Lately..Zubot & Dawson (Canada), Tony Furtado (Colorado), Prefab Sprout (UK), William Shatner "Has Been" and the heroes list.

Job before music?

University studies of Mechanical Engineering, Moomba Gas & Oil Sites,

When did you start your career?

There were a few years of Bluegrass floorBrian Young Tours of 1983,84 (Longest Chartered Flight Concert Tour in the World)

How do you see the future for country music?

Appreciating what the young have to offer while preserving access to what got us this far. And naturally, presenting the breadth of Country Music's participants living now - to inspire the rest of the living planet and those to come - hopefully noticing that country music is large and continually progressing, from which all can draw on and strengthen.

Discography CDs here - DVDs further below

1."Homegrown" (Played everything multi track Solo - Cass) Jan 1985

2. produced Brian Young's "Big Fella Wudumbah" (Cass) 1986

3. member to Three Chord Wonders "Try Change" (Record/ Cass & Late 90s Collectors CD LTD Edition)1987 with Lawrie Minson & John Green
Gold Guitar as Three Chord Wonders

4. Homegrown Vol. 2 (Played everything multi track Solo - Cass) 1987 - CD version now available

5. produced Cedar Creek's "... from the Heart" Bluegrass Cass 1989 (while nursing a slashed finger tip!)

6. produced & played bass on The Trailblazers (Harry Trails & Bob Blazers!) -self titled - Comedy Cass 1989

7. produced with Paul Henderson and member to, BackBeat (Rockin' Bluegrass) "...the sessions" (Tamworth Underground Tapes Vol 1) 1990 Cassette CD re-release 1997

8. produced & played on Bob Stewart's "Mountains of Queenstown" Cass1990

9. produced & played on Brian Winter's "Jesus was a Swaggie" CD/ Cass 1991

10. produced & played on Liz Crago's "Homeward" CD/ Cass 1993

11. produced & played on Bill Murray's "Children of the Dreamtime" CD 1995

12. Collaboration on "Didgeridoo Interludes" with Alistar Black, Stephan Richter & Craig Lauritson 1996

13. Member to Fiddlers Festival - "Live” CD 1996 with Ray Schloeffel, Marcus Holden, Mark Oats, Carolyn Trengrove, George Washingmachine, 1997

14. Solo & friends “The Longing” CD 1997 via Richard Porteous & ABC

15. produced & member to “Terra Australis” CD Self titled (originally FowlHouse Jack) 1998

Barmera Country Music Hands of Fame Inductee 1999
16. producer of Healing & meditation, from partner Pauline - ‘Songs for the Soul’ and now on Video as well, featuring Pauline’s Art designs 1999

17. produced and member to BLUEGRASS – Made In Taiwan CD : Live & Stormy – featuring Jenny Lester (Canada), Daryl (Jack ) Melbourne & Clermont. (Official Bootleg!) Recorded 1997 Released 2000
18. member to Totally Gourdgeous debut CD with Penelope Swales, Mal Webb, Carl Pannuzzo 2000

19. partnership in the Instrumental movie score style adventure “Dance of the Good Life” Dueling with the amazing Parris MacLeod (piano/drums/bass) 2000
          - Top 5 Nomination to Golden Guitar Award for Best Instrumental "Reeling in the Big One"

20. partnership in “Happy As Larry” CD  : Clermont & Parris Macleod. Violin & Piano duets. Instrumentals of Celtic to New Age flavour 2002

21. member to Dya Singh “Bandagi” CD - World Music Group with Dya Singh, Keith Preston, Dheeraj Shrestra, Parvyn, Jamel & Harsel Kaur & Quentin Eyers  2001

22. member to Fiddlers Festival “Strung Out” CD - Holden, Clermont, Oats, Clare O'Meara & Garry Steel 2002
          and member to Fiddlers Festival -"Live in Japan"  2002

23. member to Dya Singh “300” CD 2002

24. member to Totally Gourdgeous “D’vine” CD 2002

25. producer of “Let the Sun in You Shine Through” - Pauline . A Healing CD with meditation based on recovering from abuse 2002

26. producer of “Child of Light” CD – Pauline . A Red Indian (First Nation) style meditation journey with cedar flute, healing drum & chanting. 2003

27. producer of Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Oct 2003 CD - Official Bootleg
28. member to Fiddlers Festival - “Get Reel” CD 2004

29. member to The Lawnmowers - "The Good Road" CD 2003

30. member to Totally Gourdgeous - "Stroke of Midnight" CD 2005

31. member to Fiddlers Festival - "Friendzy" CD 2005

32. member to Dya Singh - "Live 2005" CD

33. member to The Lawnmowers "Second Cut" CD 2006

Totally Gourdgeous - Voted Best Live Folk Act by Australian Folk Alliance 2008

34. member to BluGuru - "Ragas 2 Blu Riches" CD 2010

35. Producer to Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Trilogy CD 2010

36. Member to Totally Gourdgeous - "PunKin" CD  2011     
37. London Abstractions 2011 CD & DVD (with Mal Webb, Tom Donald & Mark Buckingham)

38. Producer to Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Trilogy CD 2012

39. Producer to Cherry Pickers - "Southern Flavour" CD 2016

40. Member to Zen Tripitalia - self titled CD - Chris Blyth (Scot/Germany), Clermont & guest 2016

41. Producer, engineer & co-player for Delia Olam - "Who is Tahirih?" 2017

42. Producer to Golden Fiddle Show - Live @ The Capitol CD 2018

43. Member to Totally Gourdgeous - "Gourd in the Act!" CD 2019

44. Member to Totally Gourdgeous DVD - Gourd @ West End 2019

45. Producer to Kate Battersby's - "City Girl Gone Bush" 2020

46. Producer to Henk Groot's - "Backwater Dreaming" 2020

Inducted into SA Music Hall of Fame Nov 2021

47. In process producing (together with Quentin Eyers) a likely 2 CD collection for John Memery (Beechworth VIC) 2020

Videos / DVDs

1. A Crash Course to Fiddling (or Mandolin/Didgeridoo/Guitar) Freedom VID 2000

2. Fiddlers Festival - Live in Japan 2002 DVD

3. Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention 20 Year Celebration 2002 VID

4. Totally Gourdgeous “ Live Cuts from the Vine” 2003 VID/DVD

4. The Supper Club Hightlights 2004 VID/ DVD

5. The Supper Club 2005 DVD series - 13 DVDs in all !!! up to 3 camera angles and up close on stage.

6. The Big Pics DVD - Join Clermont with his around the World collection of landscape shots with accompanying Music from 'Happy as Larry'

7. The Bazaar Clips - Totally Gourdgeous - Woodford 2007/8

8. Totally Gourdgeous - Shades of the Vine - Live @ Enrec Studio, Calala, Tamworth, NSW 2014

9. London Abstractions 2011 - Tom Donald & Mark Buckingham (UK - Piano & Clarinets), Mal Webb & Andrew Clermont (Oz - Gourd fretless Bass & Gourdalin/ Electic Violin) including 100 panoramas from Clermont's "Big Pics" Photography 

10. The Supper Club - Live @ The Capitol - Double DVD with images off 4 video cameras & 3 still cameras - Steve Newton, Sunnypics, Peter R Brown, Thomas Rosenzweig,
           Performances from BluGuru, Brookie Schiemer (now Gillett), Steve Ahern, Tom Donald, Emily Little, Jess Stocker and special guests who drove into town by chance that day, The Rosellys, from UK
                All at the Tamworth Capitol Theatre 2011

11. Totally Gourdgeous new DVD "The Ripe Stuff" - Live @ Brisbane's West End - produced by Matt Moline, 7th Dimension


 Inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame! Nov 18, 2022

At Wirrina Bluegrass & Acoustic Roots Festival (just south of Adelaide)

Inducted by Enrico Morena - Adelaide Music Collective

Plus in 2021 - Peoples Choice Award  - Folk Alliance Australia - The Borderers!

Andrew has appeared with them steadily since 1998! Here at Adelaide Fringe 2021


Andrew Clermont has also received

1984, 1985, 1987 National Flat-pick (Bluegrass) Guitar Championship Awards